Dear Clients. It is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement. The Durban Veterinary Clinic will be closing its doors permanently on Wednesday 26th July 2023, after 75 years of providing veterinary care to animals on the Berea. The clinic first occupied a premises on old Berea Road (where the N3 now runs) and moved to 12 Currie Road around 1970. I have been trying to find a veterinary buyer for the practice since November 2021, with no success. The decision to sell was initially triggered by the looting and unrest in July 2021. We have lost many clients to emigration and ‘semigration’ over the past 5 years. The area has gradually densified which has meant that homes which would previously have housed families with pets have now become blocks of flats or businesses. Tough economic conditions for many of our pet owners have had a negative impact on us.

Truth be told, the fact that we have been unable to find a vet to buy the business means we have had to face the reality that the present location is no longer appealing  for a veterinary business. Anyone who lives in the area will have seen the slow creep of urban decay around our practice. We have sold the building   to a non-veterinary party. My family and I have decided to emigrate to Australia – thus joining the ever increasing numbers of South Africans leaving our beautiful country as we have deep concerns about the long term future.

I have so enjoyed getting to know my clients and their pets in the 11 years I’ve owned the clinic. I have followed the life journeys of many of your family pets, from first meeting them as bouncy young pups or kittens and then looking after them as they became older and frail and often having to give that final injection to ease their suffering and say goodbye to them in their old age. I’ve also watched your children grow into young adults and it has been wonderful to be a part of this Berea community. I am going to miss the many wonderful people who trusted me to look after their pets and hope that you’ll understand that making the decision to close this clinic has been one of the hardest of my life.

I will be working at Umbilo Veterinary Clinic (031-205 8973, opposite Port Natal School)  for 2 days per week from early August for several months while we finalise our emigration plans. For August and September I will also be working at Umhlanga Veterinary Hospital (031-561 4023, 181 Ridge Rd) for 2 days per week. Please contact the respective practices to see which days I will be working as the rota will be flexible.

The medical files for your pets will be kept securely by myself and I will email those to your future veterinarian on request once you have decided where to take your pets. I will ensure that all the veterinary practices in the Durban area have contact details for me. In our area your options are Umbilo Veterinary Clinic, Windermere Veterinary Clinic and Vetcare Veterinary Clinic.

We will continue to work as normal until our last day, so until that day you will be able to get routine vaccinations and surgeries done and order your food and chronic medication – please phone well in advance as we anticipate a rush near the end. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page in case I need to make any further announcements.

Thank you all for your support and understanding.

Dr John Tasseron

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